"The three major high school basketball tournaments. The summer Inter-High, the autumn National Sports Meet, and the Winter Cup. Until recently, the greatest of these was the summer title. However, the scale of the winter tournament has grown every year. Not its title is on par with, or perhaps even greater than, the summer tournament’s. It is the Winter Cup.


George throwing a bitch to the floor


oh, we’re so disarming, darling / a girl, a boy, and an apartment / listen+

[THIS IS THE BEGINNING; boy] open the boxes, unpack what you own [ELEVATOR LOVE LETTER; stars] elevator, elevator, take me home [I’VE GOT THIS FRIEND; the civil wars] it’d be such a shame if they never meet [ANTHEMS FOR A SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL; broken social scene] park that car, drop that phone, sleep on the floor, dream about me [GRAY OR BLUE; jaymay] don’t second-guess your feelings, you were right from the start [LANDLINE; greg laswell & ingrid michaelson] i hear you dancing on the floorboards above, unaware of what’s at stake [YOU’RE THE ONE I WANT; chris & thomas] you’re the only thing that makes it easy to be [WAKE UP WITH ME; gabrielle aplin] i hope that we can find another place to belong [NEW YORK; blind pilot] don’t keep me like you have me, and don’t kiss me like you don’t [SALLY & GEORGE’S THEME; alec puro] ~instrumental~ [HAZY; rosi golan & william fitzsimmons] what if i went and lost myself? would you know where to find me? [USED TO BE; beach house] is it just for show, just a foolish game that you hide behind? [APARTMENT STORY; the national] everything we did believe is diving, diving, diving, diving off the balcony [ALL I WANTED; paramore] think of me when you’re out there [HALLWAYS; a fine frenzy] i’ll move on, but it won’t be the same [BEACH; san cisco] you’ll never come back to me [YOUR EX-LOVER IS DEAD; stars] i’m not sorry i met you, i’m not sorry it’s over, i’m not sorry there’s nothing to save

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Emma for Revlon, Lash Potion Mascara

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train faces on my morning commute.

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Kaz out and about in LA ~ 23 April 2014

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parents: “u should be more active”
me: image

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disneykingdom asked: mulan or merida